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There are some pretty substantial statements being made to sell our competitors Infrared Heaters these days. If you did not know better you might be taken in by them all. We sell Infrared Heaters as well. However, our commitment is to rely on personal and customer experiences, quality and facts to sell the product.

Others say that they are the safest, how can you say that you are? Everyone says that they are the safest and the best. You might want to ask the competitors if theirs has a Safety shut off switch for the heat if it gets too hot. Also ask them if there plastic units have ever melted. Another thing to ask is if you place a rag to their heat bulb will it combust? Theirs will combust ours will not! The Solar Comfort also goes the extra mile of an actual breaker on/off switch similar to a breaker in your home. Others use an inexpensive on/off switch. Also is the heater plastic? See the image on this web site that shows our customer's melted plastic Infrared Heater. The image was taken Dec., 2008.

Should I expect to shut off my other forms of heat? Despite what our competitors might say, the reality is that these heaters are 'Not' designed to take over and shut off all your other forms of heat. It can be done, but really it is designed to supplement your existing heat. Hense, saving money by taking the blunt off of the more costly forms of heating.

The competitor says I can pay for my machine in two weeks! It is true that as a 'supplemental' heater you can surely save money on your heating bill and you can expect to pay for the machine by savings in a relatively short period of time. However, statements of paying for itself in a few weeks and for pennys a day are stretching it. I guess if pennies a day are equal in your mind to just over a $1 to $2 a day, then that could be correct.

What should I expect these heaters to cost to run? In reality these type of heaters, (and this goes for any Infrared Heater at 1500watts), will run between $1 and $2 a day, which depends on how much the heater is being worked. However, it is still a very inexpensive and effective form of heat. Three years ago our Solar Comfort was running at about a $1 a day as it cost us about $31 and some change per month. Keep in mind that energy cost have been going up, which also increases the cost to run these units. We have proven this in our own home. Again individual experiences may vary from area to area and home to home. Also the colder it gets the harder it will be to effectively heat. This is why you should think of this as a supplemental heater.

Here is a formula to equate your cost: As an extreme example, if you took 1435 watts (typically wattage of these units) and ran it constantly for 24 hours, 7 days a week for a full month, your cost at 7cents a kilowatt hour, which is common price of electricity, would only be around $72 a month. Now keep in mind that this is extreme as you are likely not going to run the heater this constant. It should heat in intervals. If you are wondering, here is the way you calculate your cost. Wattage (x) Hours (x) Days ( / ) 1000 then (x) your localities average cost per Kilowatt hour. In our area it is .07 cents.

More proof why we can say we are the safest! I did a test with a piece of paper. I the folded paper and touched it to our competitor's quartz bulbs. With in 5 seconds the paper was fully smoldering with red amber and smoke. I did the same test to the 375 watt bulbs of the Solar Comfort and after 3 minutes all I saw was a light discoloration. This is also something to consider when others say they are safe. If the fan goes out and the hot air can not get out of the unit or a part fails will it still be safe?

Others say they heat 1000 sq. ft, but you only say up to 800 sq. ft., why? Have you seen this ad? Heat 1000 to 1200 square feet for pennies a day! Or " I heat 2400 sq. ft. with two heaters for the price of a coffee maker!". Realistically you can expect to heat approximately 600 to 800 square feet per 1500 watt unit. Keep in mind, all of the main units are 1500watts and use about 12.5 amps. The real differences in infrared heaters is in quality, the type of bulbs used, plastic, digitals and that Solar Comfort is the only one with an actual heat exchanger. Also remember that if the main room you are trying to heat is 800 sq.ft but you have an open hallway and perhaps an open basement, you are actually trying to heat more space. You might want to consider more than one unit.

The bottom line with is that we want happy customers. We don't just want a sale. We prefer a happy customer that will refer others to us. In fact, we will even pay an incentive for the referral. We also prefer customers to call in (800.664.8876) so that we can help determine that Infrared Heating is a good match for your situation.

The benefit to buying from us is support and an actual physical professional business. Many people selling Infrared heaters work out of their home.

We hope that you have found this site to be informative.